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You deserve a smile you love. Orthodontic treatment with Suwanee Orthodontics will help you find the best version of your smile. You can enjoy the latest treatment options in a comfortable environment with a team that understands your needs.

Dr. Nick Kim

Meet Dr. Nick Kim, DMD, MDS

Dr. Nick Kim is passionate about shaping confident, healthy smiles in our Suwanee community.

His in-depth, personal experience with orthodontic treatment gives him a little something extra when providing treatment for your family.

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What Makes Us Different?

Discover what makes Suwanee Orthodontics different from other orthodontic practices and why that’s important for your smile.

Why Choose Suwanee?

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Meet Our Suwanee Family

Your friendly Suwanee Orthodontics team is knowledgeable and eager to guide you through the teeth straightening process.

With expertise in braces and clear aligners, we look forward to joining you on your journey to a new, more beautiful smile.

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