The Latest Technology for Your Smile

Our Suwanee Orthodontics team uses nothing but the latest, most cutting-edge technology at our Suwanee practice to make sure that your treatment is as fast and comfortable as possible.

Our in-house 3D printers and advanced digital X-Rays mean that you can enjoy convenient, affordable retainers and clear aligners without the need for goopy impressions!

Customized Treatment

Dr. Kim is proud to offer personalized care with the latest orthodontic technologies to patients in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

These technologies help you get a smile you’ll love in a way that’s most comfortable, convenient, and pleasant for you.

Our advanced, low-radiation digital X-Ray machine allows us to take fast, accurate scans of your teeth and jaws. Dr. Kim uses these images to plan your treatment and print your clear aligners with our in-house 3D printers.

This allows Dr. Kim to closely design each aligner so that it’s personalized to your teeth and gives you your best smile!


Start Smiling Sooner

Other orthodontic offices manufacture their clear aligners with third-party vendors and can take months to deliver aligners to patients. With our in-house 3D printer, the Suwanee Orthodontics team can manufacture and deliver aligners and retainers in as little as one day!

Faster aligner delivery allows for a faster treatment process so you can start smiling sooner. In addition, our digital record system makes it easy if you ever need a replacement retainer or clear aligner.

We’ll be able to refer to our prior scans of your mouth to quickly print your replacement right in our office, so you can get back to smiling without downtime or lost progress!

This helps you save time and money since you won't need to repeat your scans or wait for new aligners to arrive in the mail.